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      郭汝飛, Lin Lin, Junjian Yi, Junsen Zhang:The Cross-spousal Effect of Education on Health
      時間:2020-07-20    點擊數:

      Abstract: This paper studies the cross-spousal effect of education on health. We address the endogeneity of education that arises from one's own unobserved endowment using the within-twin fixed-effect method. We explore unique information on spousal health at both wedding and survey times to investigate the role of spousal unobserved endowment. We find that wives' education reduces husbands' consumption on cigarettes and alcohol, increases exercise frequency, lowers the probability of being overweight, and decreases the number of chronic diseases. By contrast, the effect of husbands' education on wives' health is weak.

      Keywords: education; spousal health; within-twin fixed-effect estimation

      本文于2020年4月在線發表于Journal of Development Economics,郭汝飛為本文第一作者。Journal of Development Economics是發展經濟學領域的頂級期刊,是我院英文A-類獎勵期刊。