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      郭汝飛, Junsen Zhang:The Effects of Children's Gender Composition on Filial Piety and Old-Age Support
      時間:2020-07-20    點擊數:

      Abstract: Do parents forge children’s preference for old-age support? Becker (1993) conjectures that the inculcation of filial piety increases parents’ investment in children’s human capital. We provide the first empirical evidence on parents’ instilling of filial piety in children, by combining the natural experiment of twins with China’s One-Child Policy to obtain exogenous variations in children’s gender composition. Among the different models of filial-piety inculcation, our empirical results favour a Beckerian model of altruism inculcation in which parents solicit support from the child with a higher earnings endowment.

      Keywords: preference inculcation; filial piety; children’s gender composition

      本文于2020年2月在線發表于Economic Journal,郭汝飛為本文第一作者。Economic Journal于1891年創刊,是英國皇家經濟學會主辦的經濟學綜合類期刊,是我院英文A類獎勵期刊。